Support Teams, what they mean and what are their purpose…

Although not required, they are recommended. They not only provide a strong psychological incentive, as well as also guarantee another tranquility during the race. They cook up your food, provide drinks, clothing changes and everything you need to have a race without issues.
Who comes without support team, although they been recommended, never going to feel alone. The organization will have always available one team to help you. Count on us for whatever you need. Furthermore, we can transport your support bags for where you want, for the support base that you predetermine or to the finish line.
We will be available to meet any needs that you have.

Here in this page you will find suggestions and rules for support teams.
You must know that athlete support is only possible in the indicated official support bases. Any help out of these support bases, in other not official locations, determines the athlete disqualification.

Have always with your support team the identifying elements that the organization has provided to you. Without these elements they can not enter in places designated for support.Remember for each participant only two people can provide help in the support bases.

“In a pandemic season, only 1 person can be within the support bases.”

Do not park your vehicle in front of any support base. Look for places where there is no interference with the passage of the athletes, arrival and departure.

One support team can not deny support to another competitor. Remember that today it’s him but tomorrow I can be me.
Avoid bad judgments of what others are doing. An innocent visit to its vehicle, for example, can cause doubts and create problems.
To all support teams will be given a race guide. This guide inform the coordinates, the best routes and some tourist landmarks of the places where you can support your athlete.