Medical certificate and Responsibility statement

Should deliver in your check-in, a medical certificate valid in your country of residence, along with a responsibility statement.

This medical certificate should confirm your fitness for practice ultra endurance sports.

Medical certificate Responsibility statement

* Without these documents the athlete cannot participate.

In addition to being particularly long, the race is done under conditions that can be very difficult (intense heat, fatigue, night, cold especially at night, rain, sleep, thirst and some technical passages are factors to be taken into account). An adequate preparation and a real ability to be self-sufficient are essential to successfully complete this individual adventure.

Therefore, for participate  it is essential:

Must be fully aware of the race distance.

Must be mentally and physically prepared.

You should have already acquired, before the race, one real capacity for personal autonomy, for manage the difficulties and problems that may arise in this event type. Should be considering the following:
► Know how to handle with all difficulties alone, without help, in weather conditions which can be difficult (Heat, night, wind, cold sometimes or rain especially at night);

► Know how to be able manage the physical or psychological problems, even when you are isolated, tired, with gastrointestinal problems, muscle or joint pain, as well as small wounds and abrasions caused by the prolonged action of the effort.

► Always bear in mind that the Organization’s role is not  help athletes overcome the normal problems that can occur in a race like PT281 Ultramarathon. The safety always begins with you and depends on your ability to respond to any problems that arise and ability for finish the race.

It is highly recommended you already participated in other races with distances above 100 km and preferably with several days.
Is mandatory a medical certificate attesting your fitness to practice competitive sports, and specifically for ultra-endurance. This medical certificate must be recognized in the country of residence of the athlete and is required to validate your inscription.

The inscriptions will open between 20th october 2020 and  3rd July 2022 or when is reached the limit of 100 participants.

When the payment had been processed and confirmed, your registration will be activated in the participants list. An email confirmation will be sent to the athlete participant.
Our Organization declines any responsibility with refused online payments.

Regulation acceptance

By participating in the PT281 Ultramarathon, the athletes undertake to respect fully and unreservedly the  standards and ethics  of this event . These were already  published by the organizers and are available for consultation on