Have an adequate physical condition and prepared for the difficulties of the test. It is also necessary not to suffer from health disorders limiting the practice of ultra-endurance sports.

The markings on the ground, carried out by the organization, will be to help guide you to the end.
GPS is the safest way to track your route.

They are places where all participants can eat, drink, rest and or take a shower. They are places where silence and harmony must prevail.

Yes, there are! The time barriers, between support bases, will be displayed in the participant’s guide, that we will send you days before the race.

In the GPS screen appears one line with a different color that you must following . On top of this GPS line, you has a cursor with indication where you must following to continue its race route. Be guided by the GPS is much easier than you can imagine. There are many GPS devices on the market, that they can be parameterized in order to warn you by beep, that you are near to change your itinerary.

Your GPS model, must have at least the recording capacity for a register with 10,000 points. It must be able to change the batteries at any time.  The autonomy of the clock type equipment is reduced to this race and have the limitation of not being possible to change its batteries. You not need maps of Portugal for the race. In many cases, the maps are dispensed and the athletes are using only the line displayed on the GPS screen, to be guided.

We recommend GPS models from Garmin because is with them we work. We work with two models : the Oregon and Dakota  and we are very pleased with the final results.

Please note:
If you bring a different GPS brand, you will have to bring  with you the compatibles accessories (cables, batteries) and appropriate software.

Before the race, we will send you a manual with necessary information of how do you must set up your equipment. Is too easy.

Yes, is very recommended. Bring the necessary batteries. Your equipment must have capacity to save the entire itinerary, otherwise will be penalized.

No, you can’t! Sleep is only possible inside the support bases?

The maximum time to finish the race it’s are 66 (sixty six) hours.

Yes you can!. The support teams are not mandatory but are highly recommended. Despite the organization’s support at the support bases, for all,  the comfort and motivation that a friends team provide us, is invaluable.

Yes. However the evidence is to be held on self-sufficiency between support bases. Deliberate support outside the support bases are not allowed and give immediate disqualification.

They are teams of two or four participants, who wish to complete the 281 km of the race, within the stipulated time limit, that are 66 hours.

In the participations in relay, the exchanges of testimony are at the discretion of each team and are only possible in the bases of support indicated by the organization. It is mandatory that each runner makes at least one connection between Control Points.

In the support bases, the organization will provide solid foods and liquids in quantity and quality required to restore energy and hydration . The available food and drink is appropriate to the effort expended.

No, you can’t. The help outside of the support bases (SB) is penalized with disqualification.

External help, outside of support bases, only is allowed when it is made by the organization or medical support. Should avoid other kind of help as it may hinder the possibility of being a race finalist

The trails are mainly outside of the road. In the large majority you can run without major problems. There are several technical trails where some requires special care. There are footpath with water lines. Some are dry, others with water.

At villages approach, inside and outside villages, the trail will pass by road. None of them will be closed to traffic. To avoid accidents, as the regulation impose, shall comply with all road traffic regulations.

(8) Eight support bases considering the finishing line. All of them, with supplies solids and liquids.

Yes, you will! In some race parts, the isolation is total. The  isolation sensation will be increased during the night  .

The organization will have teams with 4×4 vehicles along the trail for assist in the larger discomfort situations.

Yes, you have! We will have rescue teams, nurses and paramedics on the entire trail and doctors  in several support bases.

The support bases with medical support will be indicated in the participant’s guide.

No, there not! The only way to guide you for we know that you did the route correctly, should be used GPS.

It’s much easier its use that you imagine!

Very hot! Easily the temperatures reach about 40 degrees. In previous editions ,under sun exposure, we have registered temperatures about 46 degrees. Sun exposure is higher at the first two thirds of the race. The trails at Penamacor village, Idanha-a-Nova village  and Castelo Branco rural territory is almost always by underbrush trail.

The moisture percentages are also very low. In some cases can be below of 20%.

Yes, you have! They will be indicated in the participant’s guide.

For sure, the obligation that when you leave the support bases (SB) you should have a water support with a minimum of 1,5 liters . The organization can increase the water limit if  the atmosphere temperatures so require.