PT281+ Ultramarathon – Go up to your limit?

” Through dangers and harsh wars, which were beyond Taprobana …” Portuguese epic sentence wrote by our poet Luis de Camões evoking the golden time of the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries.

The race PT281 + has in the Portuguese discoveries much of its inspiration considering competition concept. As Pedro Alvares Cabral, one of the most important figures in the Portugal history, also we will leave Belmonte in search of adventure and overcoming, a epic feat of modern times. It’s in these trips, where the development and invention of new routes and tools, in courage with conquest spirit and ability to overcoming, that underpin the principles of PT 281+ project.

The influences

The results of the athlete Carlos Sá na Badwater, they inspire us to develop a race in similar weather conditions. In some local of racing, Idanha-a-Nova town, for example, the weather temperatures can easily reach until 40 positive degrees.

It is however in those who likes if to overcome, that comes our greatest inspiration source. In each edition we want add some more names to the short finalist list.

Interactive Map and Altimetric Profile