We still believe that this year we will get together to celebrate nature: June with “Oh Meu Deus – Ultra Trail Serra da Estrela”, July with “PT.281 Ultra Marathon” and in November, in Brazil, with “Extremo Sul Ultramarathon”, the largest beach in the world.

We believe that this difficult period that we are going through will be short, and that we’ll come back even stronger. We have faith that once this period is over we will be able to, once again, rejoice with nature’s splendor and may even get to see it in another way and learn to respect it even more. But one thing is our faith and belief, another will be the reality in weeks or even months. For us it is a very difficult time and with many uncertainties.

To help us to choose the best path, we have spoken to other organizers, partners, friends and acquaintances regarding the best decision to make. The opinion is unanimous: we should not decide whether to postpone, cancel or make any other decision without absolute certainty. We will wait for the right moment and make decisions carefully.

None of our events will be postponed or canceled until we are absolutely certain or have to comply with the law. This is not an irresponsible optimism, but that is our belief that soon there will be a happy ending!

Best regards,
Event’s Administrator
31 Mar. 2020