Equity, respect for people and the environment, mutual aid and solidarity are the basic principles involved in the organization and development of PT281+®. These were directly inspired by the values defined by the ITRA, Trail Running International Association among which are the& authenticity, respect, humility and fair play.
We want to share these principles with everyone involved in this event: Athletes, support teams, volunteers, spectators, residents without forgetting the organizers of other events.

Aware that our competitions are developed in a short time frame, the purpose of this letter is clearly for formulate this references in order to provide a focus for our behavior and our actions.

This sport is currently undergoing significant changes. The most striking is a growing number of practitioners throughout the world. This growth also brings a wide range of motivations and a huge economic impact and a not inconsiderable ecological footprint. In this context, we believe it is our responsibility to continue promoting this values beyond the sporting aspect itself, making this race a real human adventure.


It’s finding the balance, based on fairness and equal opportunities that should benefit all and the recognition of the rights and duties of each of the event’s actors (Athletes, organization members, private and territorial partners, press and local populations). Our races are organized for the benefit of all.
Our competitions are open to all. Our rules are designed for all and applied identically to all. All athletes are under the same conditions, and all have the same rights and duties.
It is our responsibility to ensure the principle of equity, making the necessary checks and provide the best possible racing conditions for all participants.
The race stewards team serves to verify whether the Regulation is respected by all.
The practice of long-distance running has to be for encourage our happiness, does not, in any way, jeopardize health.

We ask all runners:
To be always alert, don’t take performance-enhancing drugs.
Avoid self-medication.
Inform the organization whenever you have any health problems that requires another type of surveillance.
Learn and accept remain within their physical limits. Not jeopardize their physical or moral integrity.

Environment Respect

Our competitions are developed in rural areas and in some places protected by national laws. They are naturally fragile environments that require a balance between biodiversity and human occupation. This event should contribute to the general awareness of the natural environment fragility. We do our best to reduce our impacts. We recognize that there are unavoidable impacts, and our commitment is to do everything possible to repair them. Together, we must be ambassadors and promoters of the preservation the natural areas.
To minimize the environment impacts, we must adopt a respectful attitude to the environment whenever possible:

• Do not make garbage.
• Don’t use not recommended paths. This increases the risk of excessive erosion of the place.
• Preserve the flora and fauna
• Respect the space avoiding noise pollution.


Estará num ambiente hostil em que os homens deveriam aplicar, mais do que no resto, as regras de solidariedade e ajuda mútua. Então, pedimos a cada ator, em qualquer lugar e circunstância, que ajude alguém em perigo ou dificuldade.
You Will be in a hostile environment in which men should apply more than in other situation, using the rules of solidarity and mutual aid. Then, we ask each actor, in any place and circumstance, to help someone in danger or difficulty.
While organizers, we are convinced that our solidarity must be ever exercised in all context. This belief is based on the our awareness, our privileges and our commitments to human values.
To promote this commitment, encourage solidarity and sustainable development, will be developed social actions and environment actions. We count on your help.
We let’s encourage all the athletes for this commitment ” running for a cause” to collect funds for the benefit associations of their own choosing. We will help to disclose such actions.